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Title of the story Status Short story description
Aladdin Erotic Fan-Fiction
A cold and lonely night in Agrabah f/tiger
A thousand and one fucks 05/16/11 f/tiger
Jafars new pet f/tiger
Jasmine f/tiger
Jasmine and her lovely pet 08/19/16 f/tiger
Princess Jasmine f/tiger
Rajah night for Jasmine f/tiger
Working can be fun, even for a princess 01/28/13 f/tiger
Alex and the Tiger 12/17/05 m/tigermorph
Animal injection f/tiger/transformation
Darek's war - Part I 10/03/04 panthers/lions
Darek's war - Part II 12/30/04 panthers/lions
Darek's war - Part III 10/07/05 panthers/lions
Natural recall m/halftigress
Silver m/halftigress
Deutsche Geschichten
Aus der Sicht eines Tigers! 02/21/11 f/Tiger
Azizas Spielchen 05/14/05 f/Tiger
Baggersee 06/03/06 f/Hund/Luchs/Tiger
Das geheime Wasserloch 09/17/13 f/Löwe
Der Krieg den es nicht hätte geben dürfen 03/16/13 m/Anthropomorphs
Der verkorkste Urlaub 11/02/09 f/Tiger
Die Chroniken von Narnja 12/17/05 m/Gepardin
Digimon - Leomon und Jeri 01/21/12 f/Liomon
Harry Potter - Felis Noctis 03/16/13 f/Katze
Die beiden Löwen Löwe/Löwin
Die Löwin m/Löwin
Die Phantasie der Träume f/Löwe
Ein besonderer Wendepunkt m/Löwin, f/Löwe, f/m
Eine löwenstarke Erfahrung m/Löwe/Löwin
Etwas exotisch geträumt 03/18/07 m/Tiger/Tigerin
Im Bann des Luchses f/Luchs
Katzenfreund 06/03/06 m/Katze/Puma
Katzen Pit 02/11/07 m/Katze
Mykie (Part 1) 01/31/10 f/Löwe
Mykie (Part 2) 02/20/11 f/Löwe
Meine geliebte Tigerin 08/21/10 m/Tigerin
Neko m/f/Katzenmädchen
Pasha 02/11/07 f/Gepard
Raschid 04/16/06 f/Tiger
Lebwohl Raschid 01/07/07 f/Tiger
Rorchs Entdeckung Geparden
Schachaus Nacht Geparden
Shanika, junge Schamanin in Ausbildung 05/06/15 f/Löwe
Tanjas Safaritour 02/06/05 f/Löwe
Tigerin m/Tigerin
Vivian's Safarieträume 02/11/07 f/Tiger
War es nur ein Traum? 03/17/10 f/Panther
Weltraumzoo Pandora 08/21/10 f/Panther
Documentation / Informative
Ancient zoos in Africa Ancient world bestiality
Beasts in history The history of bestiality
The story of the florida panther 11/03/05 told by the Seminole Indians
The tiger, the brahmin and the jackal 01/07/07 An indian folklore
Tracks of tears 06/14/04 A little Zulu folktale
Mable Stark A famous circus performer
Fantasy and Science Fiction
A day at the Zoo 08/19/16 f/griffin
A wild dream 01/03/05 f/tiger, m/tigress
Drizzt and his companion 08/09/07 m/panthress
Flight to freedom f/panther
Gwenhwyvar m/panthress (no sex)
Honour to you, my Thane 08/16/13 Khajiit/f
New exhibit f(shapeshifter)/leopard
Our African Adventure 08/19/16 f/apes/lions/boar/gorilla
The Adventures of Lucy and Tharion 10/18/13 f/panther
The beast lady f/transformed men
The cat prints f/cat
The Jaguar Priestess 14/13/02 f/jaguar (impregnation)
The tiger bride 08/19/16 f/tiger (impregnation)
What gods want 10/13/04 f/tigermorph
In the valley lion/lioness
Lion in the dark m/f/lion/deer
Lonka Series Part I - Growing up 06/08/04 lions/tiger
Lonka Series Part II - A father's bond 06/08/04 lions/tiger
Lonka Series Part III - Kona's night 06/08/04 lions/tiger
Mating fun 06/02/04 lion/lioness
Minra and the tiger 08/19/16 f Acardian/m tiger
More than just feeling good m/m(sabertooth)
Rorch's discovery cheetahs
Schachau's night cheetahs
Scylla and charibdes cheetah/tigerdemon
Show lions big premiere m/lion
The road to Bern 08/25/12 human/jaguaress
The wolf and the tiger wolf/tigress
The purrfect speciman felines
Their last blunder 08/07/04 cheetahs
True advantage lion/lioness
Two of a kind 10/16/04 tiger/tigress
Harry Potter Erotic Fan-Fiction
Harry Potter - A Magical Night 03/16/13 f/lion
Harry Potter - Felis Noctis 03/16/13 f/Katze (german language)
Lion King Erotic Fan-Fiction
A matter of pride lions
A very different ending to The Lion King lions
Acceptance lions
Education lions
Firepelt lions
Kiara and Vitani lions
Kiara's secret friend lions
Kovu and Kiara lions
Kovu and Simba lions
Kovu and Vitani lions
Kovu's first time lions
Nala and Kovu lions
Nuka and Vitani lions
Reflections lions
Sarabi's Problem lions
Simba and Kiara Part 1 lions
Simba and Kiara Part 2 lions
Simba and Kovu lions
Simba and Nala lions
Simba and Vitani lions
Scar and Zira lions
Scar Journal 1 - Decades of Denial lions
Scar Journal 2 - Untold Atrocities lions
Scar Journal 3 - Full Circle lions
The first heat lions
The lesson lions
The most important lesson lions
Threesome lions
To Sarabi: Thanks For Everything lions
Welcome home lions
Teenage Witch Erotic Fan-Fiction
Hildas fun with Salem f/cat
Sabrinas fun with Salem f/cat
The spell goes worse f/cat
The Jungle Book Erotic Fan-Fiction
The Jungle Book 2 - Crossing The River 03/16/13 f/bear/panther
Other / Funny
Cat guide how to behave in human company 06/14/04 fun-stuff
Curiousity (nearly) killed the cat fun-stuff
Dog vs. cat diary 05/21/04 fun-stuff
The cat users manual fun-stuff
The tigers brainstorm fun-stuff
An adventurous vacation in Asia m/tiger
A kingdom of love f/snake/dog/horse/lion
A trois with a cougar f/cougar, f/m
Cat fantasy 10/07/04 m/cats
Catnapz f/tiger
Chaos kitty f/cat
Cheerleader duties 02/05/06 f/tiger
Cheetah love m/cheetahs
Cindys feline sin f/cat
Cleo, I miss you terribly m/lioness
Dread’s Tiger Encounter 05/22/05 f/m/tiger
Felinophile m/lion/cat/...
Female animal f/tiger, m/f/tiger, m/f
Heather goes on safari f/lions
Jade and Ak'bahl - Nightly Pleasures 07/27/15 f/panther
James first time m/lioness
Neela and the tiger 02/04/18 f/tiger
Nowan et le tigre 01/27/18 m/tiger (in french)
My cougar Charlie 12/17/05 m/cougar
Pleading Eyes 02/26/05 m/lioness
Joshua m/tiger
Leopardess m/leopardess
Lioness m/lioness
Lions are the best f/lion
Lion around m/lioness, f/lion
Maya f/jaguar
Rebeca versus a black panther 05/15/13 w/panther,
Warning! Panther will get hurt!
Mating with a lion 05/16/11 f/lion
Saksha's adventure m/cat
Sheik f/snake/dog/gorilla/horse/lion
Shadowed lands m/tiger
Spell of the beast f/cougar
Stripe f/tiger
Symmetry m/lioness
Tail of a lioness 08/19/16 m/lion/lioness
Tayo, my greatest and truest love 11/03/05 m/liger
The animals in my life 01/03/05 m/lion
The girl and the tiger f/tiger
The tiger and the girl f/tiger
The lion and the tiger m/lion/tiger
Three ladies at sea f/tiger,
Warning! Really hard!
Contains abuse, torture and death!
Tiger love m/tiger
Tiger wood f/tiger
Tigress m/tigress
Zoo duties 03/28/04 m/f/tiger
  The Barbara story
Barbara - Introduction 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 01 to 05 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 06 to 10 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 11 to 15 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 16 to 20 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 21 to 25 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 26 to 30 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 31 to 35 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
Barbara - Chapter 36 to 38 06/08/04 m/f/tiger
  TheTiger's stories
Part I: Striped heat 11/14/04 m/tigress
Part II: Sex at full mane 11/14/04 m/lion
Part III: Busted with pleasure 11/20/04 f/tiger
Part IV: Good Morning, Tiger 11/20/04 f/tigress, m/tiger
Part V: Lesbian lionesses 12/04/04 f/tiger/lioness, m/lioness
Part VI: Final Act 12/19/04 f/big cats, m/tigress
Part VII: A feline Christmas 01/03/05 f/tiger, m/tigress
Part VIII: Reunion 03/13/05 m/tigress
  Zak's stories
Trisha's Trick...
Trisha's Trick - Introduction 05/20/04 introduction
Trisha's Trick - Part I - Taisha 06/08/04 f/sibirian tiger
Trisha's Trick - Part II - Rajah 06/10/04 f/sumatra tiger
Trisha's Trick - Part III - Leo 06/12/04 f/lion
Trisha's Trick - Part IV - Baghira 11/13/04 f/panther
Trisha's Trick - Part V - The trick revealed 08/28/04 f/panther/tigers/lion
The new adventures of Trish...
Trisha - Caught in the act... 12/19/04 f/panther
Warning! The following stories include some water sports...
Trisha - Learning by doing... 09/17/04 f/panther
Trisha - Wet games... 11/06/04 f/tiger/panther
Trisha - Piece of cake... 11/20/05 f/tigers
Trisha's big cat holiday
Trisha's holiday - Intro 08/05/06 introduction
Trisha's holiday - Leo 08/05/06 f/lion
Trisha's holiday - Like a duck to water 09/15/07 f/tiger
Trisha's holiday - Grassland 01/18/09 f/panther
Other Stories
Working can be fun, even for a princess 01/28/13 Aladdin: Jasmine/Rajah
Deutsche Geschichten
Azizas Spielchen 05/14/05 f/Tiger
Das geheime Wasserloch 09/17/13 f/Löwe
Mykie (Part 1) 01/31/10 f/Löwe
Mykie (Part 2) 02/20/11 f/Löwe
Shanika, junge Schamanin in Ausbildung 05/06/15 f/Löwe
Unfinished Stories / Unvollendete Geschichten  Mixed Ideas / Vermischtes / Unfinished
  EPUB-Versions for the iPad (highly experimental!)
Mykie  05/30/10  f/Löwe
  MOBI-Versions for the Kindle (highly experimental!)
Mykie  11/28/10  f/Löwe
External links...
The Furry Lair
Big cats mating behaviour mating big cats
Wotan's Tyger Town
Claim m/tiger
Mirage f/leopard (transforming)
Nehan m/tiger
Refuge of last resort f/cougar (morphing)
Tillisha m/snow leopard
Introducing: Rogue
Nekobe m/anthrolion
Nekobe's birthday m/anthrolion
Nekobe - At the gym m/anthrolion
March comes in like a lion m/anthrolion
The Wulf Archive
Heart of the Lion f/anthrolion
The Red and the Green f/tiger/...
Amber Lions 08/12/15 m/f/lion
Camille and the Sphinx 08/16/12 f/sphinx
Ruby and the Sphinx 10/05/12 f/sphinx
Camille, Ruby and the Sphinx 03/16/13 f/sphinx
The Griffon and the Tigress 08/19/16 griffon/hestan tigress/wolverines
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09/18/04 = A story changed (edited) September, 18th
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